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Haidong Gumdo - Korean Sword

Haidong Gumdo is an exquisite Korean sword art. It’s beautiful combination of graceful movements and powerful techniques teach the student to respect the art and the weapon in their hands.


Classes run Saturday mornings from 11am-12pm and Monday evenings 8pm-9pm.

To begin with, all students start with a wooden practise sword known as a mokgum. This is to ensure the safety of all students, no live blades are used.

During sparring, foam or rubber swords are used. This is to ensure safety while at the same time allowing for contact between sparring partners. This sort of contact is essential to understanding the use of your weapon.

Classes begin with a warm up followed by a series of basic movements intended to aid in perfecting the commonly used techniques. We then move on to cutting drills and practising forms, then we end with sparring.

Join us to see how in tune to your weapon , and to yourself, you can become.



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