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Do I need to be in shape to join?

You do not have to be currently "in shape" to join our school. One of the goals of Martial Arts training is to increase your physical abilities. Therefore we encourage people of all fitness levels and experience to join and achieve their personal best.

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Can I try out the gym first before I commit to a membership?

We offer a no obligation complimentary class for you to try. We also offer a 1 month trial membership to give people a broader experience in our gym before they commit to full membership.

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I don’t want to fight, I just want to join for exercise and for fun, can I still join?

People join Martial Arts for all sorts of reasons. Sparring in an important element in Martial Arts training, but not the only one. We emphasis physical and mental fitness in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.
We don’t teach ’fighting’, we teach self defense.

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Am I too old to do this?

We don’t believe in " too old". From 6 to 60, our members have discovered things about themselves they never imagened. Our instructors and members are here to help you as you navigate the Martial Arts. It is a journey as unique as the individual. If you decided it is something you want to achieve, there is no " too old".

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I want to join for fun and exercise, but I may also want to do some tournaments

We hold tournaments at our school every 3 months. These are friendly competitions intended to give our students experience and help them grow as Martial Artists.

There are out of school competitions which all of our students are welcome to attend.

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Okay I am ready, how do I start?

Its easy. All you have to do is arrive. Come in during any of the times listed on our class schedule and we will be there to answer any questions and set you up with your first class.

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Do you offer private lessons?

Yes. All of our one on one sessions are done with master black belts who will help you in any areas you may be struggling in with your training. For details on private training, such as availability and fees, talk to our Master Instructor or our Manager.

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Do you offer group lessons for corporations?

We are always available to do group training for corporations or businessess. Contact us for more details.

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Do you offer lessons to schools?

We regularly set up lessons with schools and run anti-bullying campaigns. Contact us for more details.

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